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The Detroit Land Bank Authority’s Occupied Properties programs provide a pathway to homeownership for people living in land bank-owned houses. Our Buy Back and Occupied Property Disposition program offer distinct opportunities for housing stability in Detroit’s neighborhoods. All occupants are vetted for Buy Back eligibility before the property is reviewed for the Occupied Property Disposition Program.

Hundreds of Detroiters are now homeowners thanks to the DLBA’s Occupied Buy Back program. Buy Back engages occupants directly, connecting them with financial and home improvement educational opportunities designed to support buyer success.

Buy Back Roadmap

Contact Us

Call (313) 974-6869 to identify yourself as an occupant of a DLBA-owned property. The Buy Back team will follow-up with you to start the vetting process.



Attend Buy Back Office Hours to find out what eligibility documents you will need to submit. Buy Back Office Hours are currently via phone. Documents may be submitted electronically or in-person by scheduling an appointment.



If you qualify, the DLBA will contact you to schedule a home inspection within one week of receiving your eligibility documents. The home inspection will determine if the house is structually sound and safe for occupancy. The property must pass inspection to move forward in the Buy Back program.



You will attend a free Home Preservation course and take a financial assessment with a DLBA non-profit partner. The class will outline the basics of the Buy Back process, budgeting, creating a bank account, and more.



The purchase price is $1,000 for all Buy Back properties. The Buy Back team will reach out to you by mail or phone with an invitation to a pre-closing event. Be sure to respond to the invitation and bring: a valid state ID or driver's license and a cashier's check or money order for $1,000 made payable to the Detroit Land Bank Authority.



You will attend four free workshops during the year-long compliance period. Topics include money management, home improvement, foreclosure prevention, debt reduction, and more.



Once you've met all the requirements, the DLBA will invite you to complete the program and attend an exit event. You'll use the year’s escrow savings to pay your first tax bill, and you'll leave the event a homeowner with the deed to your property. You must pay property taxes in full to receive the deed.



The DLBA will release its legal interest in the property and end monitoring. You may receive a follow-up phone call after the first winter tax season.

The Occupied Property Disposition Program provides an opportunity for the DLBA to sell occupied properties to entities that are committed to renovating the house and working with the occupant to offer rental, home purchase, or relocation opportunities. Any organization demonstrating a minimum of one year of experience both in residential rehabilitation and in providing supportive social services, either directly or through a third party, is eligible to apply for potential program partnership. Click here to apply.

For more information about the Occupied Properties programs email [email protected] or call (313) 974-6869 to speak to a Client Services representative.