Marketing Programs

The Marketing Program partners with locally based real estate companies to market properties that support infill development, are guided by City of Detroit planning studies, or adjacent to City-owned parcels that may be co-marketed for specialized development. We invite you to view the current listings, follow instructions provided in the link, and submit all proposals to the respective real estate team. Listings are available for 60 days and all marketed properties have clear title. After 60 days, the listing agents will submit all proposals to the DLBA. From that point to closing, the DLBA’s process for marketed properties is approximately 90 days


Find proposal guidelines for each type of Detroit Land Bank Authority Marketed Property


To receive points for Neighborhood Benefit, respondents must meet with neighborhood representatives and introduce their proposed project. Projects that offer tangible community benefit will receive additional points. The DLBA, and/or City of Detroit, can provide more information about active community organizations in each neighborhood. Lastly, points may be awarded for proposals where the applicant has included a certificate from the Office of Civil Rights, Inclusion and Opportunity for their business or company. More information about certificates offered can be found here.

The DLBA evaluates offers using the following criteria

  • Price
  • Experience
  • Financing
  • Feasibility of Project
  • Neighborhood Benefit


Buyers seeking certain tax abatements or lot combinations that conflict with the land bank’s 5/50 tax capture may have to make an additional payment to the DLBA.


Buyers of marketed properties must satisfy various benchmarks for returning Detroit Land Bank Authority properties to productive use before the DLBA will release its interest in a property. The DLBA outlines these benchmarks in the purchase or option agreement on a property..