Marketed Properties

In addition to online sales platforms, the DLBA lists some properties on the traditional real estate market. The Projects Team works with DLBA Board-approved brokers to market buildings, lots, and houses that aren't a good fit for the Auction, Own-it-Now, or Side Lot programs. View current listings below and submit  proposals to the appropriate broker.
Broker Details :
Leonard Pickett, 313.510.7887,
James Bufalino,313.806.1303,
Patricia Phillips,248.723.0059,
Benjamin Smith,313.872.1300,
Natasha Ricahrds,313.204.0310,

Vacant lots in markets that can support new residential construction. Please review the proposal guidelines before submitting an offer to the appropriate broker in the below listing.

5200 Hecla and 1716 Merrick - Woodbridge

1536 Temple - North Corktown

908 Manistique (canal access) - Jefferson Chalmers

1444 Sheridan - Islandview

1452 Sheridan - Islandview

1632 Merrick and 5214-5238 Avery - 0.34 acres in Woodbridge

1727 Baldwin - Islandview

1600 Sycamore & 3408-3416 Cochrane - .21 acres in North Corktown

3426-3442 Cochrane & 1589 MLK - .35 acres in North Corktown

1728 Field - Islandview

1736 Field - Islandview

3644 Bagley - SW Detroit/Hubbard Farms

658-668 W Euclid - Piety Hill

268 and 272 E Grand Blvd - .35 acres in Islandview

5919 Brush - Milwaukee Junction

5936-5954 Brush - Milwaukee Junction

2840 Harrison - North Corktown

2447 Mt. Elliott & 3650 E Vernor - 2.6 acres in Elmwood Park/McDougall Hunt

7443 Linwood - Wildemere Park (B4 Commercial Zoning)

1707 Pallister - Henry Ford

1725 and 1745 Pallister - Henry Ford

7646 Woodrow Wilson - Henry Ford

301 Mt. Vernon - North End

302 Mt. Vernon - North End

314 Mt. Vernon - North End

326 Mt. Vernon and 8229 Brush - North End

8261, 8265, 8271 Brush & 323, 327, 331 Mt. Vernon

690 W Philadelphia - Piety Hill

808 Virginia Park - Virginia Park

2371 and 2375 W Grand Blvd - W Grand Blvd frontage near New Center

Hecla House move in Woodbridge - 4 vacant lots in Woodbridge if you can move an old home onto on of the lots. Unique Opportunity!

Bundles of single-family houses in the same neighborhood. These bundles are designed for small-scale developers with capacity to rehab multiple houses at once. Buyers must purchase all properties in the bundle. Please review the proposal guidelines before submitting an offer to the appropriate broker in the below listing.

3 homes on Liberal Street in Regent Park

4 homes on Pasadena in the Oakman Blvd Community

4 homes on Stoepel in the Oakman Blvd Community

4 homes on Elmhurst in Nardin Park

3 homes on Columbus in Wildemere Park

4 homes on Whitney in Wildemere Park

5 homes on Belvidere and Holcomb in Gratiot Woods/Pingree Park

4 homes on Hubbell in Hubbell-Lyndon

3 homes on Lappin in Regent Park

4 homes on Garland in West-End

3 homes on Lauder Street in Hubbell-Lyndon

6 homes on Buckingham in Morningside

3 homes on Lenox Street in Fox Creek

Residential properties that require significant resources for renovation. A demolition and new-construction proposal may be considered in certain markets. Please review the proposal guidelines before submitting an offer to the appropriate broker in the below listing.

7641 Brush

2511-15 Ash

11608 John R

9118 Brush

3480 Van Dyke

5671 Otis

4225 W Davison

13983 Indiana

18430 Westphalia

13941 Indiana

20055 Saint Aubin

9415 Marlowe

17547 Cherrylawn

8074 Emily

8092 Emily

11734 Rosemary

2187 Concord

3196 Lockwood

2127 Merrick

1129 Atkinson

414 Mt. Vernon

6176 16th

2481 Townsend

2566 Beals

3489 Seyburn

5090 Three Mile Dr

5245 Audobon

16751 Provost

2742 Lothrop

1421 Webb

908 Marston

2032 Puritan

9578 Oakland

Proposal Guidelines

Please find proposal guidelines for each type of DLBA marketed property below.

New Build Opportunities
Bundled Single-Family Homes
Commercial Property
Residential Projects
Land Based Projects
Plot Plan Instructions

Scoring Criteria

The DLBA evaluates offers using the following criteria:

  • Price
  • Feasibility of Project
  • Experience
  • Financing
  • Neighborhood Benefit

To receive points for Neighborhood Benefit, respondents must meet with neighborhood representatives and introduce their proposed project. Projects that offer tangible community benefit will receive additional points. The DLBA, and/or City of Detroit, can provide more information about active community organizations in each neighborhood.Lastly, points may be awarded for proposals where the applicant has included a certificate from the Office of Civil Rights, Inclusion and Opportunity for their business or company. More information about certificates offered can be found here.

Development Resources

City of Detroit Zoning Portal
Online Mapping
Tax Abatements and Public Subsidy Options

Private Sector Gap Financing Options:

Capital Impact Partners
Invest Detroit

Tax Capture Disclaimer – 5/50

Buyers seeking certain tax abatements or lot combinations that conflict with the land bank’s 5/50 tax capture may have to make an additional payment to the DLBA.

After a Michigan land bank conveys property to a non-tax-exempt entity, the land bank receives 50% of taxes collected on that property for five years, known as a 5/50 (P.A. 260 & 261). The Assessor’s office places properties sold by a land bank on a specific tax roll to process the tax capture. However, the Assessor’s office also uses specific tax rolls for many abatements such as the NEZ, OPRA, PA 210, etc. Since the State of Michigan does not allow a property to be on two specific tax rolls at the same time, DLBA buyers need a 5/50 waiver from the DLBA before seeking applicable tax abatements and lot combinations. If buyers seek a waiver, the DLBA requests payment of the estimated five-year tax capture amount upfront.