DLBA : The Next 5 Years

Next Five is the Detroit Land bank Authority's current strategic planning effort. We are engaging in a multi-month process to set goals, priorities, and specific actions for the next five years.






Where you can find us

We will be attending at least 100 events during the next five process to learn more about what is important for you. Join us at one of our upcoming community events to learn more about the Detoit Land Bank Authority , ask questions, and share your feedback.



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Next Five Timeline

Check out where we are in the Next Five process.


Frequently Asked Questions

In 2022, DLBA recognized the need for both immediate changes and long-term strategy. With the support of Center for Community Progress, we developed a strategic framework which identified immediate steps from improvement and areas to explore during a strategic planning process. We have been working diligently on implementing the framework recommendations and are using it as a foundation for Next Five.


A strategic plan is a tool to define and share an organization’s direction. It includes vision and mission statements, long-term goals, and the steps needed to achieve those goals. Strategic plans help organizations make informed decisions about policies, programming, and budgets. DLBA’s inventory is changing – both in terms of what we have (less structures, more lots) and what we’re receiving (less properties, less structures). We also know we need to be more transparent and accountable, and this plan will set goals and metrics for us to track and share over the next five years.


Everyone who is interested! A team of DLBA staff are leading this process, along with a consultant team comprised of Center for Community Progress and JFM Consulting The Detroit Land Bank Authority has pulled together an Advisory Panel of fifteen local and regional leaders and six internal working groups and will be conducting dozens of focus groups and interviews, in addition to the 100 community events previously mentioned..


The Detroit Land Bank Authority is the largest property owner in Detroit and has properties located throughout the city. The choices DLBA makes about how to sell and reuse those properties will impact your neighborhood.


A land bank is a public entity specially designed to return vacant, abandoned, and deteriorated properties to a productive use according to community goals. To learn more about land banks, visit Community Progress’s Land Bank Resource Center.