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Neighborhood: Boynton

Purchasers should plan on making a range of repairs to the property, and bidders are strongly encouraged to review the attached Inspection/Condition Report for more detail. We strongly encourage all potential home buyers to view the property prior to purchase, either through an open house or a private showing.

According to the records of the Detroit Water & Sewerage Department, the water line from the street to the house has been cut.  The water service line will need to be replaced and reconnected to the water main as part of the purchase requirement to rehabilitate the property.  This may require replacement of the entire water service line.  The purchaser will be solely responsible for these repairs, including external and internal plumbing, which can exceed $10,000 or more.  Obtaining water service is one of the requirements the purchaser must complete in order to achieve compliance with the purchaser’s rehabilitation obligations of the purchase agreement. 

Please also note that at closing the purchaser will be responsible for paying all properly-assessed property taxes not otherwise exempt pursuant to the statutory authority of the Detroit Land Bank. The fee for the attached Inspection/Condition Report is $295.00 and will need to be paid at closing.

**The City Employee discount CAN be applied to Auction purchases.** Please note that any discounts on the purchase (e.g. the city employee discount) will be granted at the time of closing on the sale. For more information on discounts and other policies, click here. The purchaser will be charged $1,000.00 upon winning the bid, regardless of any discounts. In addition to paying the remaining sale price on your property, you should be prepared to pay the following estimated closing costs:

  • Closing/Title fees: $450
  • Recording fee: $30
  • Tax certification fee: $25
  • Title Insurance: Starting at $322.25


Note: These are only estimates and are subject to change. If you are obtaining financing from a lender you should anticipate closing costs from your lender. You will receive an itemized invoice at your closing.

An aerial image of the parcel for sale can be found at this link:

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